Safe passenger transport, licenses and legal employment

All drivers must be in possession of a driving licence for passenger transport. Holders of such licences hold special responsibility for the safe transport of passengers, have the requisite local knowledge, and are medically fit to perform the tasks required. It is important to find out whether the driver's licence entitles the driver to use a rental car to transport passengers. Other permissions are not sufficient. The driver must also have these personal licenses on hand at all times:

 P-Schein Muster

Our passenger transport staff is made up exclusively of properly registered workers making their required social insurance contributions. We offer absolute compliance with applicable local laws, including pension and social insurance, and do not make bogus claims of our drivers' being self-employed. We pay above the minimum wage and above the industry average.

Please note the LABO Berlin publication "Leaflet on Bogus Claims of Self-Employment in the Car Hire Industry".

All vehicles used for passenger transport must also carry at all times a licence/permit subject to renewal inspections and tied to their registration plates:


Any driving service operating in Germany must have a permit/licence for the commercial transport of persons pursuant to §49 PBefG, which guarantees the company's technical and financial capacity to provide the services you require.


VALET ONE meets the strict requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2008 . In addition, we meet the TÜV-DEKRA testing requirements for safe passenger transport, requirements which go far beyond the legal minimum and are the first company in the industry that holds this double certification.

Since the vehicle and driver's licences and permits must be carried in the vehicle at all times, it is very easy to determine on the spot whether your service provider is properly licensed. It is also always advisable to ask for advance copies of these documents from the driving service, just to be safe.