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Automobile Marketing

"The best way to show how great a car really is to experience it for yourself."

Nowadays, automobile marketing is all about the brand experience. Just like how you know a musician's any good by hearing her sing live or can really appreciate an author's voice when you hear him read his latest novel in person. Vehicles are no exception. Automobile marketing puts the focus on the authentic product experience, an innovative approach to position your make or model with decision makers, celebrities and opinion leaders as part of a media-savvy campaign to ensure customer loyalty and attract new customers.
We will be glad to advise you on your vehicle's brand positioning or help you with vehicle sponsorships. Event organisers and various automotive companies have already benefitted from our long-standing relationships with various industries to create successful collaborations.

With our expertise in automotive marketing, we will develop the right plan for your event or model presentation. From roadshows to test drive concepts and classical sponsorships, we offer automobile marketing concepts for every occasion.

  • tool for the systematic vehicle marketing
  • live experience of your make and model philosophy
  • presenting the key brand message of your make and model
  • effective interface between automobile manufacturers and event organisers
  • direct contact to your primary target groups
  • custom documentation and illustrative final reports
  • professional consulting