• Valet Parker vor dem Steigenberger Hotel.

    Looking for a place to park?

    Not for your guests: VALET ONE valet parking service.

  • Valet Parking am Steigenberger Hotel in Leipzig

    Valet Parking Service

    The guests of the Steigenberger Grandhotel Handelshof no longer need to hunt for a parking space.

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Valet Parking

Do you know anyone who loves looking for a place to park?

The solution is valet parking service.

The idea of valet parking service comes from the US, where it has become a standard in American cities. Whether it's an event, a hotel visit , a meal out, or a meeting, appointments are meant to be kept, and they usually go hand-in-hand with time pressure. Do your guests, customers or business partners a big favour and take away the hassle of finding somewhere to park. With valet parking service, it's quick and inexpensive: drive up to the front door, get out of the car, hand over your keys, and tuck your code card in your pocket. We park the cars safely and bring them back again when needed.

Advantages of our valet parking service:

  • perfect integration of time savings and exclusive luxury
  • drive up, get out, enjoy the event
  • service including parking fees and insurance
  • trained personnel familiar with all types of vehicles
  • centralised, secure key management