• Mobile Kommunikation mit OnDrive und MyValet

    OnDrive & MyValet

    Systems that connect – Communication 4.0

OnDrive auf dem iPad

OnDrive - the hotline between you, our dispatcher and drivers.

Being a quality leader means more than just using our years of experience to meet the daily challenges effectively. With technical innovations such as OnDrive, sophisticated concepts for our customers, and services perfected to every detail, we prove our again and again what we stand for.

Last-minute changes are not uncommon, but can be a challenge, especially for large, meticulously planned events. We developed OnDrive as an online to provide support for these and many other issues that come up in car service. The OnDrive app makes booking, changing and coordinating car services through our dispatchers possible 24/7, wherever you are. This ensures fast and flawless communication among all parties.

OnDrive auf dem Laptop

OnDrive - Features

  • OnDrive can be used anywhere
  • Highly flexible, transparent and time-saving
  • Fast, intelligent scheduling for events and daily business
  • Error-free communication among customers, dispatchers and drivers via our mobile app
  • App for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
  • Simple and accessible user interface
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Extensive reporting for customers
  • Real-time communication
OnDrive und MyValet auf dem Smartphone

MyValet - builds bridges between us and our drivers

MyValet is our internal platform that is key to all of our internal communication.
This data-driven PHP application has given us the shortest, most informative and most effective way to provide our chauffeurs, drivers and other employees with the information they need. This page offers our team the opportunity to find out about events across Germany and register online as needed.

In addition, they can check this site for changes, news and the latest information about VALET ONE. Our employees can also communicate with one another in forums, maintain relationships with colleagues in other cities, check the news section, and get answers to their questions. A download section lets employees download the latest important documents.

MyValet auf dem Notebook

MyValet - Features

  • Applicant management
  • Document management
  • Project/resource planning
  • Staff availability
  • Automatic matching
  • App for Android, BlackBerry or iPhone
  • Intelligent news lists
  • 1-Click payroll with DATEV interface
  • Personal information and communications portal
  • Modular, expandable and internally configurable
  • Quality Management
  • 360°-Feedback